The U a Basketball Story

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I have watched Bruce Brown Jr play basketball for several years. We are not blood related but we are family. His mother and my sister are best friends and our family’s have had many family functions together. He comes from humble beginnings. He actually has 2 older brother that are both a couple inches taller than him.  They both are athletic as well. Obviously  Bruce is a special talent.

In high school Bruce was duel threat. He played football & basketball. He was exceptional at both sports. As he got older, taller and stronger it was clear that basketball was his dominate sport.

He is currently in his second year at the University of Miami and is projected to enter the 2018 NBA. He has played against top elite talent all throughout his young career and has thrived every time. As I am writing this blog I am watching play against  Florida State University and it s a nail bitter. Just like the game is over Miami wins and Bruce Brown Jr is the games high scorer.

He never ceases to amaze me with his pose and game play at such a young age. Prior to his freshman year at the University of Miami Bruce was one of a select few elite basketball players that was invited to play and showcase his talents in the prestigious Jordan Brand Classic. This event is held once per year and is very similar to the Mc Donald All American high school game. Almost all of the today’s NBA household names played in both tournaments.  At the time of Bruce’s invite he was ranked #33 in the country. He missed MVP honors by 2 points. He had fantastic showcase.

Bruce Brown Jr plays hard on every play. When he does progress to the next level I truly believe he will be an asset to any team that takes a chance on him.

Bruce Bown highlights (0.50)




Hawks draft prospect watch: Bruce Brown Jr., U. Miami


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